WATS UP PENG$!! This is Nintendo342 Here to tell you my Story!. So I Started Playing Club Penguin under the Username "magicsoup" around Circa 2009. I Played as Magicsoup from 2009-2011. As I got banned for Swearing, trying to Copycat other Penguins that were really clever to get their swear words through the filters. Around the same time, I still wanted to Play on Club Penguin, so I created "Nintendo342". Ever Since I became Nintendo342, I have done more things on Club Penguin. I have become a Veteran on the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) Reaching the Rank of a Captain, Becoming a Graduate at the ACP Regiment From 2011-2012 and Briefly 2015. I have made Several YouTube Accounts and Videos throughout 2011-2012 as well. Around my magicsoup years and the beginning of my Nintendo342 years, Back then there was these Baby Penguins that called themselves "Pookies". They literally owned the Pet Shop. They pretend to be adopted children, meanwhile they pretended to be rich mothers that "Adopted" them. They most of them were kind of mean. Then there were another group of Penguins called "Preps", they pretended to be in High School, Boyfriends/Girlfriends,ETC. Most of them were kind of mean too. Back then they used to be on every single Server. The Preps are still around, only on certain Servers. The Pookie Population has Declined, and only a Couple Penguins very rarely are in the Pet Shop. Now I think Club Penguin is Redeemed. That is why if you see my Older Posts you will see me getting angry at these things. That is my Story about my Club Penguin Experiences! PEACE OUT PENG$!-Nintendo342
My Descendant from the future: Sorcerysoup

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