Monday, December 31, 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

Pre-Historic party log off page revealed!

Hey guys the log out page Is here!

Whats new for January,2013?

Hey guys its Nintendo here with a sneak peak of whats new in January its the Pre-Historic party Here it is

Holiday Pin Tracker/newspaper!

Hey guys its Nintendo here sorry I never posted in a while I was too busy with family you know Christmas well anyways I know where the new pin is! and the newspaper is here! at the pool!

Thursday, December 27, 2012


TWO DAYS AGO WAS CHRISTMAS and I manged to sneek on to club penguin and see. THEY HAVE WHITE NOW!!!
Here's me wearing the white!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keep calm

Daffodilly5's new styles

Holiday Party-Meet Rockhopper![Official Club Penguin]

Death threats/bullying admins are not allowed!

Hey guys I am mad because someone posted me a death threat who ever you are you know what you did if you do this one more time your done and you will get your own death threat so please stop u don't have to apologize just please don't do it again I admit I was bullied in the past but this didn't help either so please stop


HI I am toygirl02 I am helping nintendo get more popular so please leave a comment that would be great! I am not a member but i am gonna be soon i was a member! The holiday party is gonna be on soon so tis the season to comment Every season is the season to comment! Please comment good things


Hey guys I am really mad! Because when I log on to cp all the time there is copycats! and it's not right because I tried to make my signature look original and you guys steal my idea how would u feel if you were trying to get famous and someone logs on and steals your look how would u feel? I caught one penguin and took a picture of him as a warning of how they can look so if you are a copycat reading please! Stop plus because you readers are lazy because you don't comment I have a feeling that one of the copycats is stealing my popularity! :O so if u see someone wearing the same clothes doing things I wouldn't do or different penguin name please don't think it's me

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Card Jitsu Snow location Revealed!

Hey guys I know where card Jitsu snow will be so since the fire dojo is at the west of the dojo the water dojo is the back of the dojo and snow might be east here are some pictures for proof