Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hey! I just came to say that I will not be posting this week or next week because I am going on a vacation so Just to let you guys know I will not be posting this is only temporary I will be back during after 2 weeks from today so ya thnx and so long for now!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Lights in the Sky!

Hi Penguins!


This may sound strange... but you guys trust me, right?
Okay so... I've seen WEIRD things. Just yesterday I saw a light in the sky beam up a penguin. No, really! She was there one second and then POOF... gone!
When I saw her again she was wearing a tinfoil hat. Isn't that nuts?! And AWESOME, obviously. I've been seeing more and more penguins wearing them.
It can't just be me who's noticed!
Maybe the lights are from weather balloons.... right?
-Club Penguin Team

Sneak Peak of Operation: Crustacean

Now we Know what is Under the Tent at the Extreme Paint Festival!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mustache Week in Forest

WHATS UP PENG$!! Nintendo342 is back for another update so it is Mustache Week!! they are giving out Free Mustaches Such as an Artist's Mustache, Teacher's Mustache, ETC Go get your Free Mustache Now! before they are gone and you have to PAY!!

November 5, 2015 Newspaper


Monday, October 19, 2015


WHATS UP PENGUINS!! I doubt that you guys are Reading this after my good-bye Post and my Failed Penguin News Spin-Off Blog. But I am now back! Thank You for Reading my Posts, I am now deciding if I will or will not come back to blogging permanently. I haven't been blogging for over 3 Years. I have still been Playing Club Penguin but didn't blog. I also haven't been Active in the ACP. I consider myself a Veteran. So yeah I will make more videos now that I got a New Computer. I just hope my Software doesn't Go out on me again. There is a 50%/50% Chance I might be back! WADDLE ON FELLOW PENG$-Nintendo342

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Post!

Hey Guys! I am Ashamed to say that this will be my last post! as I wasn't on actively for the past 6 months or so I was wondering that something was missing in this blog I could never get what I was missing when I was looking at other CP Blogger's Blog and I feel so ashamed that my blog didn't look that cool! plus my editing software from youtube didn't work so ya but I am thankful that all you viewers supported me through out the years don't worry I am still leaving this blog on and I wanna start fresh so here is the link to my new fresh blog! New Blog Thnx again bye for now! and May God Bless all of You!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Show!

Hey Guys! I am going to make a New Youtube Series called "CP Cops" a show where we go around the island on any server and catch CP Robbers,Prostitutes,Abusive Pookies,ETC I will be the host of the show I am making a new blog about more info about the show! thnx bye

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nintendo Fridays!

Hey Guys after hearing about Thinknoodle,Businesmoose,ETC Day I will make a Day of my own I will be on Every Friday at Mammoth!

Monday, February 3, 2014

I am Back!!

HEY GUYS! I am Pleased to Announce I will be back on my Blog and Youtube! after all those months and One Year! I am sorry I didn`t post for a while I just needed time off! I found a video editing software it will help me but the down side is that I can`t make any CP Movies! The Good Side is that this will be Temporary! Thank You Bye for Now!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy 8th Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary everyone!
My Favorite Parties Were :

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spike Hike Enough!!

Hey Guys I am angry at spike hike he First of all he made Teen Beach Movie Party, second NO EARTH PARTY!! spike hike is making Disney and players to stop caring about The Environment and spike hike`s THIRD STRIKE! made the Medieval Party Boring! I liked the Medieval Party I loved the Knight`s Quests Challenges and how they gave free Wizard Hats (when I was magicsoup now I need one) FOURTH STRIKE!! I am very glad that CP has apps and music but spike hike asked Disney to close down Pirates of the Caribbean Online (I wanted to register when I got a membership but they spoiled it!), Toontown and Pixie Hollow and the Fifth and Better be Final Strike! Is replacing the Recycling Plant with the School That is so Silly! people that play CP play it as a past time other than school and homework and it seems like they are now allowing preps which is sad That is 5 out of 3 Strikes I blame spike hike not Disney! So I have came up with my Conclusion that from Now till CP Shapes up I `Nintendo342` Will be a Freedom Fighter and this blog is the Resistance HQ I will no longer Post Cheats R.I.P Old CP 2005-2012 P.S Pookies are not Disney`s fault but players who made it faults!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Medieval Party 2013 Log out Screen 1

Penguin Caught Swearing!!

Hey Guys Sorry for not posting for so long but anyways Do you know the rules because this penguin was caught for Breaking CP`s Number 1 Rule!! Which is Swearing this Penguin used words to hide his swearing for example using `Crab` or `Ship` If you see any penguin using language like this YOU MUST REPORT THEM! I don`t care if its a friend or family Warning language may not be suitable for viewers parental permission must be required!
I reported him and apparently on the filter he said `Glass` and purposely hid the `GL` k thnx bye

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sorry for not Posting

Hey Guys sorry for not posting about the Star Wars Party I was having soo much fun plus a summer vacation at Disneyland! I was not active from the blog and the ACP but I will update make a post about the vacation soon! k thnx bye!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

What`s Wrong with CP

Hey Guys I am so angry because I just logged on to CP and caught a bunch of people ignoring the rules the red circled are the rules that penguins break commonly
and I caught 4 penguins wearing items from the star wars party unreleased I have concealed their penguin names so I wont get any controversy (SPOILER ALERT WARNING)
Now we have all seen penguins getting `BFs` and `GFs` and they always say `my igloo` and they pretend to get pregnant and have `it` and I have gotten sick of that evil that's inside those perverts minds so I caught many penguins under that act (Children under 10 should stop reading Nothing Graphic)
Lets not forget the Famous Pookie Virus
Why is CP turning into some dumb dating and killing game sadly when you report someone on CP for a reason they get away with it we need to take a stand and a message for Pookies,Preps,Bf,GF and cheaters WHY! you know if you continue you will make this virtual world more of a mess and poor Disney will have to take the pain and CP will get a bad reputation and most people have written very bad reviews on the review website `Common Sense Media` Please change your ways or you guys will pay the price thank you bye!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Star Wars Ad,Construction Begins!

New School on CP

Hey Guys so CP has a new school Luckily Thank you God while I was taking a picture of the school Rookie was spotted
I am Very happy because now the Dojo Courtyard has a path but The bad thing is they took away the Recycling Centre! not only that but preps can now hang around there and do inappropriate stuff
k thnx guys bye!