Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spike Hike Enough!!

Hey Guys I am angry at spike hike he First of all he made Teen Beach Movie Party, second NO EARTH PARTY!! spike hike is making Disney and players to stop caring about The Environment and spike hike`s THIRD STRIKE! made the Medieval Party Boring! I liked the Medieval Party I loved the Knight`s Quests Challenges and how they gave free Wizard Hats (when I was magicsoup now I need one) FOURTH STRIKE!! I am very glad that CP has apps and music but spike hike asked Disney to close down Pirates of the Caribbean Online (I wanted to register when I got a membership but they spoiled it!), Toontown and Pixie Hollow and the Fifth and Better be Final Strike! Is replacing the Recycling Plant with the School That is so Silly! people that play CP play it as a past time other than school and homework and it seems like they are now allowing preps which is sad That is 5 out of 3 Strikes I blame spike hike not Disney! So I have came up with my Conclusion that from Now till CP Shapes up I `Nintendo342` Will be a Freedom Fighter and this blog is the Resistance HQ I will no longer Post Cheats R.I.P Old CP 2005-2012 P.S Pookies are not Disney`s fault but players who made it faults!

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