Saturday, July 13, 2013

What`s Wrong with CP

Hey Guys I am so angry because I just logged on to CP and caught a bunch of people ignoring the rules the red circled are the rules that penguins break commonly
and I caught 4 penguins wearing items from the star wars party unreleased I have concealed their penguin names so I wont get any controversy (SPOILER ALERT WARNING)
Now we have all seen penguins getting `BFs` and `GFs` and they always say `my igloo` and they pretend to get pregnant and have `it` and I have gotten sick of that evil that's inside those perverts minds so I caught many penguins under that act (Children under 10 should stop reading Nothing Graphic)
Lets not forget the Famous Pookie Virus
Why is CP turning into some dumb dating and killing game sadly when you report someone on CP for a reason they get away with it we need to take a stand and a message for Pookies,Preps,Bf,GF and cheaters WHY! you know if you continue you will make this virtual world more of a mess and poor Disney will have to take the pain and CP will get a bad reputation and most people have written very bad reviews on the review website `Common Sense Media` Please change your ways or you guys will pay the price thank you bye!

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